October1 , 2023

Manta raises $35M in Series B led by Forestay Capital


Manta raises $35M in Series B led by Forestay Capital

Data lineage platform Manta has raised $35 million in...


Data lineage platform Manta has raised $35 million in a recent funding round, which it will use to help companies map data flows. Data lineage refers to the tracking of data as it moves through an organization, and is becoming increasingly important as businesses collect and process more and more data. manta capitalsawersventurebeat.

Manta’s platform allows companies to visualize and understand the flow of data within their organization, helping them to identify bottlenecks and improve data quality. The platform can also be used to trace the origin of data, which is important for compliance and regulatory purposes.

The $35 million funding round was led by Forestay Capitals, Battery Ventures, with participation from existing investors including Insight Partners and Manta’s founders. The company plans to use the funding to expand its engineering and product teams and to accelerate product development.

Manta was founded in 2017 by a team of data engineers and scientists and has since grown rapidly, serving more than 100 customers across a range of industries. The company has received praise for its innovative approach to data lineage, which combines automated data discovery with manual data mapping to provide a more comprehensive view of data flows.

In a statement, Manta CEO and co-founder Amit Walia said the company is “excited to be at the forefront of the data lineage revolution,” and added that the new funding will allow them to “accelerate our growth and help even more customers understand their data flows and improve their data quality.”

As data becomes increasingly important to businesses, tools like Manta’s platform will become more and more valuable. By helping companies to map and understand their data flows, Manta is positioning itself at the forefront of the growing data lineage industry.